New Standing Order Adult Fiction

August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011
Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Well-Tempered Clavicle
Anthony, Piers
Picka Bones and his sister Joy’nt are off in search of adventure with three creatures newly arrived from Mundania–and not the sort of creatures you might expect! Join them in a madcap quest, in this 35th tale of the land of Xanth.
Zero Day
Baldacci, David
John Puller is a combat veteran and the best military investigator in the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigative Division. His father was an Army fighting legend, and his brother is serving a life sentence for treason in a federal military prison. Puller has an indomitable spirit and an unstoppable drive to find the truth.
As the Pig Turns
Beaton, M. C.
Organizing an outing to an annual pig roast in post-holiday season Cotwsold, Agatha Raisin is horrified to discover the murdered body of an unpopular local policeman and agrees to investigate on behalf of the victim’s ex-wife, who is also subsequently killed. By the author ofBusy Body.
The Night Strangers: A Novel
Bohjalian, Christopher A.
After he crashes his plane into Lake Champlain, killing most of the passengers, Chip Linton moves into a new home with his wife and twin daughters and soon finds himself being haunted by the dead passengers, all while his wife wonders why the strange herbalist denizens of the town have taken such an interest in her daughters.
Prince of Ravenscar
Coulter, Catherine
Nicholas Monroe, widowed “Prince of Ravenscar,” is feeling pressure from his family to remarry. But the mysterious death of his first wife, Lily, still hangs over his head. Her brother, Richard, believes Nicholas is responsible for her death. When Richard finally confronts Nicholas, long-held secrets threaten to resurface-despite someone’s desperate effort to keep them buried.
Devil’s Gate
Cussler, Clive / Brown, Graham
A Japanese cargo ship cruises the eastern Atlantic near the Azores- when it bursts into flames. A gang of pirates speeds to take advantage of the disaster- when their boat explodes.  As Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA(r) Special Assignments Team rush to investigate, they find themselves drawn into the extraordinary ambitions of an African dictator, the creation of a weapon of almost mythical power, and an unimaginably audacious plan to extort the world’s major nations.
Explosive Eighteen
Evanovich, Janet
Can’t wait to find out what happens next? Luckily, you won’t have to wait very long!  The next Stephanie Plum adventure arrives later this year: on November 22, 2011! So sit tight and before you know it, Explosive Eighteen will be here.
Kill Shot: A Thriller
Flynn, Vince
Working his way through a list of hit targets who were responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of civilians, assassin Mitch Rapp shoots a drunken Libyan diplomat in Paris only to discover that he has been set up and that his handlers would have him permanently silenced. By the author ofAmerican Assassin.
V is for Vengeance
Grafton, Sue
Kinsey on Kinsey: “I know there are people who believe you should forgive and forget. For the record, I’d like to say I’m a big fan of forgiveness as long as I’m given the opportunity to get even first.”
-from V is for Vengeance
The Dovekeepers
Hoffman, Alice
A tale inspired by the tragic first-century massacre of hundreds of Jewish people on the Masada Mountain presents the stories of a hated daughter, a baker’s wife, a girl disguised as a warrior and a medicine woman who keep doves and secrets while Roman soldiers draw near. By the author of the Oprah Book Club selection,Here on Earth.
Johansen, Iris
When her beloved 7-year-old daughter disappears during a class trip, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan dedicates her talents to protecting other children and helping families to find closure while searching for her own daughter’s killer, in a conclusion to the trilogy that began withEveandQuinn.
King, Stephen
On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas, President Kennedy died, and the world changed. What if you could change it back? Stephen King’s heart-stopping dramatic new novel is about a man who travels back in time to prevent the JFK assassination—a tour de force.
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