Countdown to Kindergarten in Spanish

August 2, 2011

I received a request to have the Countdown to Kindergarten titles available in Spanish.  This turned out to be quixotic search. 

 I did not want to purchase bilingual books since we usually catalog bilingual items in the general  collection not the  INTL-SPA collection. I did replace worn copies of bilingual books that we already had cataloged INTL-SPA.

We  are no longer cataloging board books  so there went several titles.  The Live Oak titles that are E-CD are no longer available.  Many of the titles we own are Live Oak version. My preference was hardbound or reinforced but most were only in paperback.  Many titles seem to be in-print but there was no stock at Baker and Taylor or Ingram.

So here is what I was able to buy:

I was able to add copies to some editions we currently own. 

I bought newer editions of titles we already own.

 I bought ten titles we did not own. 

I bought limited number of copies since the collection is small. 

The order went into Acquisitions today so it will be some time before you see the books at your branch.  Look for them to use in Spanish language storytimes.

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