How about The Night Circus?

July 20, 2011

So, no one wanted the ARC of The Orchard…  how about an advance reader copy of The Night Circus, by Erica Morgenstern? 

It’s a first novel and expected to do well, film rights are already sold.  Le Cirque des Reves is a magical company hiding a fierce competition between two young magicians who play out the rivalry of their instructors.  When love enters the game, who wins and who loses? Pub date is set for 9/13/11.

Be the first to respond to this post and you’ll be the first on your block to have a brand, spanking-new ARC.

posted by Nancy

6 Responses to “How about The Night Circus?”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Ooh, ooh, I’ve got this on my to-read list. And I’m conveniently located right outside your office.

  2. David Says:

    I read “The Night Circus” a few weeks back, and I rave about it to everyone I see. It’s going to be BIG, deservedly so.

  3. jspecht Says:

    Am I too late? Have heard big buzz about this book.

  4. Kristin Says:

    I’ve got it Jackie – but I’ll read it fast and send it on to you if you’d like.

  5. any chance of passing it on to me? I’ll pay for shipping 🙂

  6. nmessenger Says:

    Sorry, we only share with library staff and this one has already gone.

    Nancy Messenger
    Collection Development Manager
    Sno-Isle Libraries
    7312 35th Ave NE
    Marysville, WA 98271
    (360) 651-7014

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