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July 8, 2011

July 8, 2011
Synopsis from Midwest Tapes
Birds of Paradise
Diane Abu-Jaber
In Miami, Avis and Brian Muir are still haunted by the disappearance of their beautiful daughter, Felice, who ran away when she was thirteen. Now, after five years of skateboarding, clubbing, and squatting, Felice is about to turn eighteen. Her family will be forced to confront their anguish, loss, and sense of betrayal. Meanwhile, Felice must reckon with the guilty secret that drove her away, and must face her fear of losing her family and her sense of self forever.
Cold Vengeance
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
While on a hunting trip with his brother-in-law, Judson Esterhazy, Pendergast runs into trouble and is left for dead.  Part of the Pendergast series.
The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
Dr. Gary Chapman & Paul White
Dr. Gary Chapman takes his invaluable experience from his bestselling The Five Love Languages series and applies it to the workplace.
From This Moment On
Shania Twain
From her impoverished childhood in rural Canada to her meteoric rise to fame, country star Shania Twain chronicles her life in this inspiring memoir. Born Eileen Twain, she was one of five children in a home that did not always have enough to eat, and at age 22, she became the foundation of her family when her parents tragically died in a car accident. Even during the height of her career, Twain’s life was in no shortage of drama or tragedy. However, she still managed to overcome it all.
Jim Butcher
Murdered during his last case, wizard detective Harry Dresden now haunts the streets of Chicago in an attempt to save his friends from a similar fate. However, there are plenty of other spirits in the Windy City that owe Dresden some payback.
The Keeper of Lost Causes
Jussi Adler-Olsen
Carl Mørck used to be one of Copenhagen’s best homicide detectives. Then a bullet almost took his life. Two of his colleagues weren’t so lucky, and Carl, who didn’t draw his weapon, blames himself. So a promotion is the last thing Carl expects. Carl’s been selected to run Department Q, with a stack of cold cases to keep him company.
Carol Higgins Clark
While on a trip to Jersey shore to celebrate her mother’s birthday, PI Regan Reilly runs into Hayley Patton, an old classmate who is now a successful event planner. Hayley is suspicious that her boyfriend Scott is seeing another woman, which is confirmed once Regan investigates. Meanwhile, Regan looks into the disappearance of Cleo Paradise, a young actress whose belongings are now up for grabs at the house she rented. Where did Cleo go? And will Hayley’s quest for revenge go too far?
Psalms and Proverbs for Commuters
Various Authors
Zondervan presents a collection of inspiration and wisdom for those who live life on the go. Here, listeners will enjoy 31 days of Psalms and Proverbs from the King James Bible.
The Snowman
Jo Nesbo
On Oslo’s first snowy night of the year, young Jonas awakens to find his mother missing. Outside, her pink scarf is draped around a snowman that mysteriously appeared in the yard earlier that day. Oslo police investigator Harry Hole believes the disappearance is connected to a threatening letter he received earlier, and as more women disappear, it becomes apparent that Hole is dealing with a serial killer.
Compiled by Darren Nelson
Posted by Jenifer Brown

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