New Adult Non-Fiction 200, 700 & 800

June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011
Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
The Creative Writer’s Survival Guide: Advice from an Unrepentant Novelist
McNally, John
This aptly titled book offers novice writers an inside look at the writing profession. The book’s table of contents and organization anticipate an uninitiated readership.  Neither too cynical or too naive, and never negative in tone, this book leaves the reader with much to contemplate when considering whether or not to try breaking into the world of creative writing.
Every Dress a Decision
Austen, Elizabeth
Austen’s poems test the boundaries between the known and the unknowable, as a woman reckons with the sudden death of a brother and her complicated past.  At times wryly funny and at others wrenchingly vulnerable, these poems reveal tensions reverberating among desire, family, spirituality and identity.
Quilter’s Academy: A Skill-Building Course in Quiltmaking
Hargrave, Harriet / Hargrave, Carrie
As the title implies, this is a basic introduction to the art of quilting, presented as a series of classes comprised of brief lessons. The authors start at the very beginning, with selection of supplies for quilting, and discuss everything beginners need to know about cutting, piecing, basting, quilting, and finishing. The projects are attractive yet accessible, and the mother-daughter authors have an engaging, friendly style.
Robert Redford: The Biography
Callan, Michael Feeney
Draws on the Academy Award-winning actor, director and producer’s personal documents to offer insight into the complex life behind his famous roles, covering such topics as the death of his son, his relationship with Sydney Pollack and his establishment of the Sundance Film Festival.
Treasure in Clay: The Autobiography of Fulton J Sheen
Sheen, Fulton J.
Fulton Sheen relates his own rich and varied life story which comprised sixty years as one of America’s best-loved Catholic priests, whose radio and television congregation numbered thirty million strong.
Compiled by Darren Nelson
Posted by Jenifer Brown

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