Audiobook Collection Maintenance Feedback

June 9, 2011

Sno-Isle Community Library Staff:

I have just completed the first phase of audiobook maintenance and actively removed about 2400 copies from circulation, on top of copies coming to review that we have decided not to repair or replace because there are adequeate copies to meet demand, which is an ongoing activity.  Looking at the numbers, it seems teen collections got more space relief than adult and juvenile through this process.  I sure hope this has helped, though I know some branches saw a lot more cleared space than others.

I am now ready to move on to the second phase where I examine branch’s collections item by item.  I have some report figures, but Nancy and I think I need feedback from the ground, too, to decide where to concentrate first.  How are your audiobooks looking? Do you think you need more immediate attention in the coming weeks to get your collection to where it needs to be going forward? If so, please comment or contact me to begin coordinating these first projects and/or share report information.  I would appreciate hearing from building heads especially.  We really want to prioritize the maintenance work where it would do the most good.

Many thanks!

posted by Darren



2 Responses to “Audiobook Collection Maintenance Feedback”

  1. siloak Says:

    Hi Darren – OAK’s adult audio cd’s are looking pretty good. We are getting ready to relocate them near adult fiction, onto bookstore style shelving freed up from removal of uncat paperbacks. Just waiting for a regular shelving range to be removed. Thanks for your help with this collection – Mary

  2. Darren Says:

    Glad to hear and can’t wait to see your new configuration when it’s done. Sounds like a great project.

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