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May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011
Synopsis from Midwest Tapes
Buried Secrets
Joseph Finder
Private investigator Nick Heller returns home to Boston to start up his own business. His first job is to quickly find Alexandra, the eighteen-year-old daughter of a hedge fund tycoon who has been kidnapped. Worse, Alexandra, who Nick has known since she was a baby, is buried alive and the entire ordeal is being streamed over the Internet. As Nick investigates, he discovers Marshall Marcus, Alexandra’s father, has made himself many enemies.
Carte Blanche
Jeffery Deaver
Set in the modern day, Jeffery Deaver’s new novel puts James Bond on the trail of a deadly enemy in Dubai.
The Devil Colony
James Rollins
Acclaimed novelist James Rollins presents the much-anticipated sixth installment of his popular SIGMA series.
Full Black
Brad Thor
In what promises to be his most explosive novel yet, Brad Thor presents his tenth thriller featuring counterterrorism agent Scot Harvath. Here, Harvath tackles a whole new threat.
The Greater Journey
David McCullough
David McCullough chronicles the lives of American artists and scientists who studied in Paris and ultimately changed America because of their experiences. From Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in America, and abolitionist Charles Sumner to artist Samuel F. B. Morse and literature greats Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mark Twain, Paris has left its mark on the American identity.
Karen Kingsbury
Bailey is slowly inching toward her dream of becoming an actress while Cody coaches and mentors a high school football team. However, they are slowly drifting apart, and when Cody’s past catches up to him, he is forced to reach out to others for help.
Nelson Demille & Thomas Block
When a missile strikes a jumbo passenger jet over the Pacific Ocean, killing or maiming the flight crew, three survivors must do the impossible and land the plane.
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