And the Winner is…

May 25, 2011

Last night the Audio Publishers Association announced the winners of its Audies awards.  These include Keith Richard’s Life, narrated by Johnny Depp and others, which was recognized as both Audiobook of the Year and best in the Biography/Memoir category.  Life hasn’t been on my personal reading or listening lists until now, but I did give the posted audio clip a try (right now you have to click the review link first to get to the right one).  An apparently representative bit of the whole, it features an anecdote with Richard and Ronnie Wood doing drugs in a restroom (consuming them in those days “with more than usual dedication”) in a southern diner, hanging out there for 40 minutes, before getting busted.  The regretful tone seems to be more about place and consequences than the substance abuse itself.   This listening experience is a vicarious thrill for fans and the fascinated.

Posted by Darren


2 Responses to “And the Winner is…”

  1. dvd.menard Says:

    First there was Dylan’s “Chronicles”, then Patti Smith’s “Just Kids”, and now Keith Richards makes it official: publishers are likely beating the bushes to find the next literate rock star. I’m pulling for Iggy Pop!

  2. Darren Says:

    Sounds like a winner-and don’t forget I am Ozzy.

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