talk on the street about the Kindle and library ebooks

May 24, 2011

Library customers continue to ask about the Amazon/OverDrive press release which announced that Kindle owners would be able to access library ebooks sometime later this year.

Library Customer:  “WHEN, will this happen?  I want my free library ebooks now!”

Collection Developments: “Gee, sorry but we know as much as anyone else about when this will happen.  The press release from Amazon only said that it was coming later this year, that could mean tomorrow or it could mean December 31st.”

LC:  “But you’re Collection Developments!  Don’ t you have special insider info? Corporate spies?  People in the know that you meet with secretly in dark alleys who exchange info for cold hard cash?”

CD: “Uh, gee thanks for the compliment, but no, I’m not privvy to any secret info. I do have a sister in law though who lives in Seattle (the same city that is home to Amazon’s corporate headquarters ) unfortunately she works in the cruise ship industry, and she’s not saying anything”

LC:  “Well, that’s not helpful at all.  Is that because she’s not talking to you? Or because she’s in the cruise ship industry and doesn’t know anything about ebooks?”

CD: “Well come to think of it, I guess it’s because of the cruise ship thing but we really haven’t spoken since I told her a joke about a pirate, a monkey, a travel agent, and a librarian who walk into a bar..but either way she’s keeping mum about the whole ebook thing”

LC:  “Eeewwww, you know you’re weird, and that’s disturbing….well moving on.  If you don’t know when it will happen, what do you know about the Kindle Library Lending program?”

CD: “Well when it happens, all of the EPUB, and PDF format ebooks  owned by the library will be available to you to read on your Kindle.  The library owns nearly 8,000 ebooks right now and we’ll have more by the time Amazon and OverDrive get their act together.”

LC: “Oh, that’s cool. Anything else?”

CD: “Um, you can read more about this by going to the Kindle site,  Amazon has a media room where all their Kindle press releases are available.  If I wanted to get the straight dope on this, I’d be checking it out pretty frequently.”

LC:  “Okay, so I get that you don’t know when this will happen, but I was hoping to buy a Kindle for a friend as a gift, and they really want to be able to read the free ebooks from the library.  What should I do?”

CD:  “Well if it was me, I’d just buy a Nook color, or some other ereader that currently works with the library ebooks, if I was buying a present for someone and they want to use the library collection right away.  There’s a whole list of them on our website.  But, if you’ve got your heart set on a Kindle, go ahead and buy that, they’re all kind of the same and it’s all about personal preferences sort of like the Ford and Chevy rivalry, my brother in law’s a Chevy guy and I like Ford and..”

LC:  Interrupting, “Dude, enough about your family already!  I think I know everything useful that I’m going to get out of you, so I’ll talk to you later.

CD: “Okay, but seriously my brother in law…”

LC:  “Buh, bye.”

post by jim who has a Nook color in his house, but isn’t allowed to touch it.


So if  the Nook color is outside of your price range, check this out Barnes & Noble unveiled a new version of the Nook reader.  The Nook Simple Touch is priced to compete directly with the Kindle at $139 dollars.  Read more on Shelf Awareness about not only the Nook Simple Touch, but Kobo’s new reader priced at $100 dollars. Nifty!

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