Neil Gaiman: “Piracy is just a giant form of lending”

May 17, 2011

In a short  interview (4 minutes) on the Open Rights Group website Neil Gaiman explains how he has changed his thinking on piracy, copyright, and lost sales.  Gaiman explains that he had been very upset with people pirating his stories on the web because he feared that unless he opposed these actions he’d lose his copyright, which he later learned was untrue.  What he noticed though was that in Russia where his books were being translated onto the web, was that his sales actually went up as result.  He came to see piracy as a just another form of lending and advertising for his books.

Watch the interview

One would hope that if Mr. Gaiman can change his opinion on piracy as a form of lending, rather than stealing and lost sales, that his publisher (Harper Collins) can change its stance on libraries and ebook circulations.

Posting by Jim who read today that a Harper Collins petition now has more than 60,000 signatures.


One Response to “Neil Gaiman: “Piracy is just a giant form of lending””

  1. Kathy S Says:

    Libraries have been trying to tell this to publishers for years: free lending through libraries doesn’t take away from book sales. I am impressed that Gaiman actually took the time to look at his sales numbers and experiment.

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