Get Caught Listening – June is Audiobook Month

May 13, 2011

 The month of June might evoke a lot of different things: weddings, fathers, Flag Day, gay pride, and graduations, to name just a few. But June also marks an annual campaign by the Audiobook Publishers Association to promote awareness of the educational and entertainment benefits of audiobooks.  This “Get Caught Listening” campaign will again feature a social media push, author advocacy, and the diffusion of talking points.

The audiobook listening experience tends to appeal to adults and children for different reasons.  Over a quarter of adults listened to an audiobook in 2008 (see link above). Many adult listeners are already avid readers and use audiobooks to maintain engagement with reading culture while multitasking in their tightly scheduled lives.  Most listeners are still commuters, but exercising, gardening, cooking, and even working can be accompanying activities.

For children as well as adults, audiobooks also offer a surprising array of benefits.  One of these I have always appreciated is help pronouncing difficult names and words (such as desultory) that rarely pop up in daily conversation.  Jemtegaard cites another good example: the Welsh place names in Susan Cooper’s fantasy, The Grey King.  

For children, the benefits include improved reading expression, vocabulary, comprehension, and language acquisition, with children using audio attaining higher reading proficiency even if they are already good readers. 

With June around the corner, it might be an excellent time to think of ways to promote the love of reading by listening in your collection.


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One Response to “Get Caught Listening – June is Audiobook Month”

  1. I am a huge fan of audiobooks. In Australia they are not as popular as in the US. There still seems to be a stigma that they are just for blind people. I listen to them in the car.

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