New Professional Collection Titles (with summaries)

April 6, 2011

Intner, Carol F.  Homework Help from the Library. American Library Association, 2011.

Background : homework help as the confluence of information services and education — First steps : planning your homework help menu of services — Staff training staff and professional development — Technology in the library for homework help — Technology from remote locations for homework help — Answering homework queries and interacting with students — Troubleshooting — Marketing your homework help services — Evaluating your homework help program.

Mates, Barbara T. Assistive Technologies. American Library Association, 2011.

The library’s mission : to serve all patrons — Creating accessible electronic information — Seeing the bigger picture : large-print-access technology solutions — When computers talk : listening to the Web and printed materials — Touching the Internet : braille access to the Internet — Seeing the sounds : technologies for persons with hearing impairments — Surfing the Internet with a “different” board — Accessible collections, resources, and discussion forums — Staff make it all work — Finding the funding — We got it, come and get it, or, Marketing — Creating avenues for accessible electronic communication.

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