In Polaridise: Publisher Searches

April 5, 2011

One of the features of our new Polaris system that thrills me is the publisher search field in both the Bibliographic Records Find Tool and in the public PAC (Keyword and Advanced). I used this recently to give me a sense of what we have bought in the past from some publishers that were less familiar to me to see how well those items circulated. We all know the public often wants to narrow their results by publisher as well. I think of all the times I used less precise searching strategies at customer request to try to find DK books for children on a broad topic or National Geographic videos, for example, with less satisfying results. Having this capability at my fingertips sure would have been nice.  Since publisher is a searchable field it looks like doing the same search in Any Field works well, too.

Mashall Breeding recently commented on Polaris’ parent company’s strong sales growth in an interesting article in Library Journal (“Automation Marketplace 2011: The New Frontier “). It looks like we are in good company. As a satisfied, empowered user I appreciate everyone who is making it possible.


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