J DVDs and genre labels

March 23, 2011

It has been brought to my attention that a new DVD (Spongebob Squarepants: Spongeguard on duty) was sent out from Service Center this week designated as J DVD with the TV Series genre label from Midwest Tapes printed on the spine.  This was done in error: the title should be in the adult DVD collection and not the J DVD collection.  This series is being reclassified as part of our J DVD genre change project and the replacement copies we ordered were accidently put into the J collection (see below for what to do about this).

What is going on with the J DVD collection?

The changes that you are seeing in DVD designations are part of the J DVD genre change project that Catalog Services staff and I have been working on to reassign some J DVDs to the adult collection to facilitate customers’ access to the collection.  After reviewing all of the J Entertainment DVDs, I have selected approximately 25% of the children’s DVD collection to be reclassified and moved from the children’s area.  These materials remain in the collection, just housed in another location. 

What are the changes?

  • All feature films are being reassigned to the Family genre in the adult DVD collection.  For example, Bambi and Stuart Little will be found in the adult collection.
  • TV series which are intended for an audience older than age 7 (Grade 2) are being moved to the TV Series genre.  This age designation matches the age that we use to distinguish between Easy and J nonfiction.   Examples of TV series that will be moved are Batman. The Animated Series and Spongebob Squarepants.
  • With these changes, the J entertainment DVD collection will be intended for a younger audience than it has been in the past: birth to age 7 (Grade 2).

 Why make these changes now? 

 The Collection Action Team recommended the implementation of genre shelving for adult feature films to improve their browsability and thus increase customer satisfaction with the collection.  While the conversion to genre shelving for our adult DVD collection was a lot of work, we have heard a lot of positive feedback about the new shelving arrangement.  Our J DVD collection is purchased separately from the adult collection but DVD selectors (Jim and I) have long felt that many titles in the J DVD collection would be more accessible to our customers if they were filed with family films and TV series.

 As a part of this project, replacement copies of children’s titles in the collection are being purchased.  We want to make sure that there will be a reasonable number of DVDs for browsers in all collections. 

 Staff in Catalog Services have started calling in copies to make the appropriate changes.  This process will take many months and you may find titles for which separate item records have different call numbers and shelf locations.  This is a temporary situation.

What to do if you receive a new DVD with a JDVD designation and an adult genre label?

If you find any more examples of DVDs with this error, please send me an email with the title and shelve the DVD in your J DVD area so that it will be available to be checked out by our customers.  It will be called in to be reclassified in the near future.

 Our exemplary Catalog Services staff are having to deal with a lot of changes in how they do their daily tasks with our migration to the Polaris ILS and they won’t be able to address problems like this for a few weeks.

Sorry for the confusion.

posting by Lorraine


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