Townie in Town

March 16, 2011

 Last night I attended a Q & A session featuring Andre Dubus (rhymes with noun “abuse”)  at the University Bookstore.  Dubus, author of the novel House of Sand and Fog and son of the famous  short-story writer of the same name, has been promoting his new memoir Townie, covering his violence-prone and largely fatherless youth in rough working class Boston neighborhoods.  Getting beat up for “using words like actually,” and seeing his brother pummelled by a marine on leave for kissing his sister, Dubus set out at age 13 to bulk up and promised himself always to fight back.  For years he hung out in bars drinking only the milk used for White Russians,waiting to spot some unjust bullying so he would have an excuse to vent his aggression on the attacker. As the account progresses, the author comes to sublimate his anger through writing and a growing relationship with his divorced father. 

Though the crowd was modest in size at this event, I found Dubus a likeably charming and effective promoter of his work. It’s a pleasure to see him venture into non-fiction to tell his own story.  I would recommend this highly as a reading experience and eventually for displays with memoirs or biographies, especially any relating to Father’s Day, if the queue is clear by then. 

Would anyone like the ARC for this? Please email me or comment.

Posted by Darren

2 Responses to “Townie in Town”

  1. siloak Says:

    ARC, yes please! Thanks, Kara Fox at OAK

  2. nelsdar Says:

    I’ll send-thanks! Darren

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