New Adult Non-Fiction 500-699

March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

Annotation from Baker & Taylor or Ingram

Continuous Container Gardens: Swap in the Plants of the Season to Create Fresh Designs Year-Round
Townsend, Sara Begg / Robbins, Roanne / Gruen, John (PHT)
The authors explain how to leverage container gardening for year-round beauty, in a book that includes 12 projects, each with four different looks for the seasons
Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All
Offit, Paul A.
Discusses the damages caused by the anti-vaccine movement and argues the necessity of vaccinations for children to prevent such diseases as measles, mumps, and whooping cough.
Extraordinary Pigs
Green-Armytage, Stephen
Extraordinary Pigs displays an enormous variety of swine, 38 in total, including tiny Kunekunes, wrinkled Meishans, spotted Gloucester Old Spots, curly-coated Mangalitzas, wild boars, and some miniatures, which are highly prized as pets. Breeds from around the world are featured here–from the United States, England, Wales, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, China, Vietnam, Africa, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
The Good Caregiver: A One-of-a-Kind Detailed and Compassionate Resource for Anyone Caring for an Aging Loved One
Kane, Robert L., M.D. / Ouellette, Jeannine (CON)
The director of the University of Minnesota’s Center on Aging offers a survival guide for new caregivers, explaining how to surmount legal, financial and interpersonal challenges and offering personal stories from other caregivers, including his own experiences caring for his mother after she suffered a stroke.
Grow the Good Life: Why a Vegetable Garden Will Make You Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Owens, Michelle
A lively, passionate argument for the backyard vegetable garden, drawing on science, history, and stories from the author’s garden. Owens shows you how to fit a garden into your life– and why it’s worth the trouble.
The New Cool: A Visionary Teacher, His First Robotics Team, and the Ultimate Battle of Smarts
Bascomb, Neal
A report on genius inventor Dean Kaman’s FIRST program follows a team of brilliant, misfit high school students through the program’s 2009 robotics competition.
An Optimist’s Tour of the Future: One Curious Man Sets Out to Answer “What’s Next?”
Stevenson, Mark
A lighthearted and informed guide to the future of civilization describes the author’s travels in various world regions where he learned about climate-proof farming practices and breakthrough technologies with a potential for helping the world.
Pretty Delicious: Lean and Lovely Recipes for a Healthy, Happy New You
Kumai, Candice
The co-host of Cook Yourself Thin shares stylish tips for preparing weight-conscious, satisfying meals on a budget while explaining how to prepare favorite foods to minimize fat and calories, in a reference complemented by nutritional information.
Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary
Luntz, Frank I.
Based on a premise that effective communication skills are at the heart of business excellence, the author of the best-selling Words That Work cites the examples of leading companies and individuals while sharing counsel on how to conduct one-on-one meetings and public presentations
Wisdom of the Radish: And Other Lessons Learned on a Small Farm
Hopkins, Lynda
What at first sounds pastoral and idyllic quickly devolves into disaster: crop failures, worm-riddled corn, flood, and an episode involving a fox that’s right out of Aesop’s Fables. But with perseverance, Mother Nature’s strong inclination for plants to grow, and sage counsel from Internet message boards, a working farm rises from humble soil.
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