Word! New Translations of Bible Released

March 9, 2011

The Washington Post today reports the market release by American publishers of new translations of both the New American Bible (official Catholic) and New NIV (used mostly by Protestants) .  The article mentions several interesting, specific changes in language such as “making human beings in our image” instead of “mankind” and “flesh” instead of “sinful nature.” More controversially perhaps, this new NIV version also translates Isaiah 7:14 to say “young woman” instead of “virgin” shall conceive a son, which some scholars consider more faithful to the original Hebrew.

The article also mentions a recent book by Timothy Beal of Case Western Reserve University (pictured above right): The Rise and Fall of the Bible, three copies of which Sno-Isle now owns.  Beal’s book received excellent reviews for accessible language discussing the complex and difficult subject of Bible scholarship. 

Also noted in the Washington Post piece is the proliferation of niche market Bibles for every taste and purpose: Bibles specifically for women, students, patriots, and even golfers!  By the way, does anyone remember the Precious Moments Bible?

Any update in sacred literatures seems to generate some controversy, but those unhappy with this version will simply have to wait for the New New NIV that will doubtless be out there some day.

Posted by Darren


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