glee, we’ll wait for the complete season

March 9, 2011

There’s no easy way to say this other than to just spit it out,  so here’s the deal, we’re not adding season 2 volume 1 of Glee.   Instead we’ll add the complete second season of Glee when it comes out later this year (September/October).

What we found from last year, which seems to be repeating itself again this year with Glee is that Fox will release volume 2 on the same day that the complete second season is released as well.  Purchasing both volumes is more expensive since the price adds up to about $60.00 plus processing costs, as opposed to $45.00  for the complete season.

Purchasing the complete season is also efficient when it comes to adding replacement copies or adding copies to meet hold queues, because the complete season remains in print for longer than the volume one and volume two editions, which tend to go out of print soon after the next season starts.   If we were to purchase volume 1 and volume 2 of the seasons of Glee ultimately we’d end up having to purchase the complete season later when the volume editions go out of print, so it just makes more sense all around to go with the complete season.  I’ve only seen a few RINCs for volume 1 so far this year, and I’ll be rejecting those using the doesn’t meet selection criteria message.

posted by jim who likes music, and musicals, and even watches other shows on FOX, but hasn’t watched a single episode of Glee because Jane Lynch makes me break out in hives, and I refuse to deal with a painful rash for any television show.

One Response to “glee, we’ll wait for the complete season”

  1. David Says:

    We tried, but the show seems to want it both ways — cynical and sticky-sweet at the same time. Years ago, saw Bette Midler in concert (don’t ask) and it was the same thing — she’d make caustic jokes, then sing something like “Chapel of Love” oozing fake sincerity. Her piano player was good, some tall skinny guy with a big nose named Barry something — wonder what ever happened to him?

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