oscar awards, holds, and true grit

March 3, 2011

so the  academy awards were last sunday, and it was a snoozefest according to all accounts.  as is usual following the oscars the holds pile up on the various nominees and award winners, and some films get out of whack on our holds to copy ratio of 5 to 1.

we regularly run a holds purchase alert and purchase additional copies, so rest assured that if a film is wildly out of whack on the holds ratio, we’ll be adding copies very soon.

what’s up with true grit?

starring the Duke

lots of our customers are placing holds on true grit in our catalog and though the john wayne version is one of my all time favorite films, i imagine many of them are expecting the jeff bridges/coen brothers film.

almost all the holds have been placed remotely by our customers buton the off chance that customers ask you about the film, here’s the straight poop.

  • there’s no release date for the film as of yet though videoeta is reporting it may be available sometime in june.
  • as soon as a firm release date is announced we’ll be placing an order.

posting by jim who when he wears a cowboy hat  it’ll be black because that’s how i roll.


2 Responses to “oscar awards, holds, and true grit”

  1. David Says:

    An exact title search for “True Grit” also brings up “Rooster Cogburn and the Lady”, the sequel to the Duke film — but you have to squint at the graphic to make out the REAL title, since the catalog entry just says “True Grit”.

  2. Jim McCluskey Says:

    thanks for mentioning that david. if you go into the full record it mentions that it’s based on the characters created by portis in true grit, kind of makes a muddy situation even a bit murkier doesn’t it?

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