libraries and ebook survey report available now

February 9, 2011

an ebook survey conducted last summer by LJ and SLJ has just released executive summaries of academic, public, and school libraries.

read the executive summaries

libraries offering ebooks and those that don’t

72% of public libraries now offer ebooks to their customers, and many of those that don’t currently offer them are planning to in the next year, while those not offering them are waiting for customer demand.  the survey was conducted last summer when only a few were predicting how popular ebook readers would be as gifts during the holidays, and it was difficult to imagine the spike in demand for library ebooks that would be created by these readers.

the numbers are impressive for ebook circulation in the short time that the library has offered them.

posting by jim who bought a nook over the weekend for marie after watching her read ebooks on her pc for the past 6 months.



7 Responses to “libraries and ebook survey report available now”

  1. siloak Says:

    Thanks, Jim. This is really useful. I’m still trying to figure out why people like reading ebooks — the qualitative side of things. I’ve heard ‘lighter’ and ‘easier for travel,’ but what else are people hearing or experiencing first-hand in terms of reasons for use. Is it ease? Is it more than techno-lust? -Kara

  2. Jim McCluskey Says:

    i’ve always heard that there’s a certain privacy level from them as well. people who would rather not have someone judging them while they’re reading some guilty pleasure type book. personally, the appeal of them is the ability to read a newspaper and not have to deal with the mountain of recycled papers that accumulates.

  3. David Says:

    I agree about the privacy thing. My son’s been reading David Icke books on his phone (Icke is the guy who claims most heads of state are descended from a master race of lizard people) — not the kind of reading matter you want to broadcast…

  4. Jim McCluskey Says:

    okay, now that has a weird way of explaining a lot of things….

  5. siloak Says:

    ah, hadn’t thought of the privacy thing. thanks!

  6. siloak Says:

    explains all those Harlequin romances, too… 🙂

  7. Kathy S Says:

    It’s also the convenience of not having to physically take the time to go someplace to borrow or buy a physical book during the institution’s open hours. As a library employee of course, I don’t care as I’m there anyway. But I know of a couple of ppl in my book club at least, that don’t use the library because it’s yet one more place they’ve have to schlep to.

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