Ludlum’s Jason Bourne inspired…

January 28, 2011

debut author Taylor Stevens to write.  her first product?  “The Informationist” in which Vanessa Munroe has a knack for finding out secrets, information that companies, governments, and customers will pay big money for.  basically, a super spy librarian for hire.  in an interview with PW, Stevens explains that she’s never met an informationist:

I don’t even know if they exist or not. I made this up. Isn’t that what fiction is?

PW gives it a starred review that starts out with a bang:

Stevens’s blazingly brilliant debut introduces a great new action heroine, Vanessa Michael Munroe, who doesn’t have to kick over a hornet’s nest to get attention, though her feral, take-no-prisoners attitude reflects the fire of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander.

free arc to the first Sno-Isle Libraries employee to comment.

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2 Responses to “Ludlum’s Jason Bourne inspired…”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Oooo…my husband will like that!

  2. bbuckingham Says:

    I willl send it to you. Becky

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