looking for study guides? remember ebooks

January 13, 2011

next time you go looking for that GED study guide don’t forget to offer our our ebook collection to your customer.  the library owns multiple copies of many of the most popular study guides in ebook format such as:

  • GED
  • AP Subject Exams
  • SAT
  • ACT

as well as career related study guides  for customers preparing for the police officer, firefighter and other exams.

even though it may seem as if everyone and his brother received an ebook reader as a gift this year REMEMBER it’s not necessary to own a ebook reader to read ebooks.  you can read them on pcs as well as your smartphone.  here’s a list of compatible devices from OverDrive.

customers studying for these exams are motivated, and frequently under a deadline, and waiting for a print copy may not be a viable option for them, so give them a choice, and offer them an ebook.

an advanced subject search on our digital download website using the terms “study guides and workbooks” is the easiest method for pulling all of these titles together quickly.

posting by jim


2 Responses to “looking for study guides? remember ebooks”

  1. i have been visiting your blog from the past few months and find your content quite engrossing but recently there is a radical shift in the way your write.can you tell me why your writing style has changed?

  2. Jim McCluskey Says:

    there are multiple authors that write posts for this blog, and naturally we all have different writing styles.

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