Books we cannot mend

January 5, 2011

Books sent to the Service Center for mending are reviewed by selectors before they are repaired.  We have recently reviewed a number of books that we do not or cannot repair. Here are some examples:

Best Bets/Teen Explore: We do not mend these browsers unless the item is in good condition and only missing a barcode.  Tattered books should be put in a box with returns for these collections.  The books are purged as the boxes are unpacked.

Leased items (Baker and Taylor label):  We can replace barcode and fix labels but only do this if the book is in good condition.  We remove item records for books needing major repair, such as broken spine, torn pages, or general wear and return to Baker & Taylor.  Damaged lease books should be routed to ~review.

Water damage:  We cannot repair water damaged items.  Water damage  spreads through a print collection as mold spores are released.  Please send water damaged books to ~purge and know that they are casualties of life in the great Pacific Northwest.

Mass market paperbacks and magazines:  We do not repair materials in these formats.  Damaged mass markets should be sent to ~purge.  Damaged magazines should be sent to SRV1.

Pages marked with ink, felt-tip or crayon:  We cannot remove these marks, which are most often found in picturebooks.  Please purge these books.

Torn or missing pages – Please purge these items.

If you have questions about mending or repair, you can contact us or Barbara Hart.  Thanks for your help.

posted by Becky and Lorraine


3 Responses to “Books we cannot mend”

  1. Darren Says:

    Thank you for this timely info. Quick question: you say crayon marks in children’s books can’t be mended if they’re on the pages, but what about on a blank page or blank inside of cover? Could these be covered or cut out, and the book re-circulated, if no page with content was affected? Thanks!

  2. bbuckingham Says:

    MY experience is if we paste over the page, the marks still show. By keeping books that are marked in the collection, children may get the message it is okay to mark books. Go ahead and purge marked books.

  3. Darren Says:

    Got it, thanks!

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