best and worst of 2010 movies

December 28, 2010

now is the time of year when various critics start telling us what was stellar and what sucked harder than my brother in law’s Dyson vacuum cleaner.  reading these list always points out to me just how plebeian my tastes are.  pretty much if the guys run around with guns, an occasional car blows up, and someone says “is that all you got?“, there’s a fair chance it rates on my awesomeometer.

which should scare you.

sure, i took 2 quarters of film appreciation in college and i know about george melies, d.w. griffith,  hitchcock, fellini, polanski,  and almodovar.  it isn’t that i can’t appreciate a fine film, it’s  just that given the choice between watching the english patient, and alec baldwin as the shadow, i’ll take the shadow every time.

what’ s your pick for worst movie of 2010?

which movie did you know you’d never watch as soon as you saw the trailer?

posting by jim whose pick for worst in 2010 is clash of the titans and who wouldn’t be caught dead watching the horrror that is cherguillera in burlesque.



4 Responses to “best and worst of 2010 movies”

  1. Amen re the English Patient vs the Shaddow. I only went to kid’s movies this year. I have to admit that I had higher hopes for The Last Airbender althoug my 8-year old was happy with the adaptation of one of her favorite animated series. Eric

  2. jspecht Says:

    “The Tourist” inspired me not to break my streak of seeing a movie at a theater since “Sweeney Todd.” The trailer looked so uninspiring that I was moved to pass on this one, even though I adore Johnny Depp.

  3. Jim McCluskey Says:

    I agree with you about the tourist, the trailer looked pretty meh. johnny depp usually brings something interesting to the character he’s portraying, but how interesting can you be in a white dinner jacket, unless you’re Sean Connery of course.

  4. Lesla Says:

    I’m voting for the Tooth Fairy. I’m not giving it a pass, just because it’s a kids movie and we own 72 copies! Also, Little Fockers. I haven’t seen either of these, but I feel qualified to say that they probably sucked.

    I swear I’m not a snob, though. I loved Despicable Me.

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