the Black Dog of depression

December 23, 2010

Winston Churchill had a country home in Chartwell and referred to his darker days as the Black Dog.  this sets the stage for Rebecca Hunt’s debut “Mr. Chartwell.”  Esther is a widowed library clerk who rents a room to the metaphorical Black Dog who also “works” for Churchill.  still with me?  2 of the reviews remind the reader to suspend disbelief; all 4 of the reviews recommend this quirky tale with the LJ starred review’s verdict:

Already published in Hunt’s home country, Great Britain, this debut novel cleverly combines historical detail, a marvelously subtle sense of humor, and the wit of J.K. Rowling to give readers a quirky assortment of characters they can root for with abandon.

the Kirkus review concludes

A witty, intelligent curiosity of a novel—less a story, more a recipe for mental health presented in light fictional form.

a library clerk and a dog as the main cast of characters, what could be better?  free arc to the first Sno-Isle Libraries employee to comment.

posting by marin who is thrilled to clean off her desk of arcs before vacation


2 Responses to “the Black Dog of depression”

  1. I’ll take that arc. Sounds like fun. Eric

  2. Becky Says:

    I’ll send it off to you. Becky

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