library ebooks for your iPhone & Android

December 9, 2010

Oh happy day!

From OverDrive’s  digitallibrary blog:

OverDrive apps for iPhone and Android now support eBooks

“OverDrive Media Console v2.0 for iPhone and Android provides two major enhancements that improve the end user experience. First, the apps now enable users to download and enjoy EPUB eBooks on their devices (in addition to the existing ability to download MP3 audiobooks). The eBook reading experience includes user-inspired features for bookmarking and adjusting brightness and font size. Additional features will be added as the apps develop, including highlighting, annotation, in-app text-to-speech, and more.”

This morning I went in and gave the app a whirl on my iPhone, here are a couple quick thoughts.

Reading ebooks on your mobile device requires that you have an Adobe ID and that you activate your phone.  I strongly  recommend going to Adobe and doing this BEFORE you download the app and start browsing for titles, since you won’t be able to download anything until you get an Adobe ID.  Getting an ADOBE ID is free and doesn’t require anything other than creating a username and password and just takes a few moments. Once you have an ID, and have checked out an ebook, you can activate your phone with your Adobe ID, in the settings for the OverDrive app.

The OverDrive app will work the iPad with IOS 4 an optimized version of the app coming soon according the OverDrive blog.  Apps for Blackberry and other mobile devices are promised for the near future  as well.

The library has a large collection of ebooks.  Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “library ebooks for your iPhone & Android”

  1. siloak Says:

    Thanks for this post, Jim. Are you able to tell me how often we are adding ebooks (for ereaders) to our collection? A customer asked me this morning.

    Kara Fox at OAK

  2. Jim McCluskey Says:

    My money is expended for 2010, but I try to add new titles every two weeks generally speaking. The best way to find new ebooks is to browse the entire ebook collection and then sort by date added to site, by doing this you can see all the latest titles.

  3. siloak Says:

    Thanks, Jim!

  4. Darren Says:


    Thanks for the timely post! The tip on getting the Adobe ID (or recovering it) was really helpful. I just downloaded an Anne McCaffrey title to my droid and am excited to be able to do this. The browsing and searching experience to me still seems quite different from a catalog and I hope it gets a little more intuitive for future first-time users. I’m so glad, though, to have the ability to get anything for free via my library on my phone, as I much prefer reading on it than on the Sony ereader I bought recently. At my last board meeting in Lake Stevens members were asking about ebooks and I’m eager to share this new service when I see them next. Please keep feeding information and new developments about this to public service staff. We really need and appreciate it.

  5. Eric Says:

    I recently was pleased to find the book I was reading available on Overdrive. I downloaded it and have been reading it on my phone. I didn’t think this was going to be a good reading experience but I love it. I have also used the Nook ap on my Ipad and phone to read other books. It is interesting to see how different the range of items is on all of the different sources for ebooks. I will be looking forward to that becoming less dramatic.

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