can’t get enough of the cookbooks

November 22, 2010

cookbooks are popular all year ’round – Becky curses us whenever one of us puts a cookbook on the “What We’re Reading” banner and the holds build by the second.  with the holiday season quickly approaching, the urge to recommend cookbooks as gifts builds.

NPR featured cookbooks over the week-end, highlighting some of the best titles of the year.   the holds list might be too great on this year’s list (and some are on order and not in the catalogue yet), but a display of NPR’s 2009 list will grab attention.  add to the mix Booklist’sTop 10 Food Books” which was part of their October issue devoted to the culinary arts.  plus there is Amazon’s Editors’s Picks of Best of 2010 top 10 lists for Cookbooks.

what are some of your favorite cookbooks of the year?  we’ve added to our household “Cooking for Geeks” and “The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook” (2009).

(via Shelf Awareness)

posting by marin who disagrees with NPR’s 2009 nod to “Rose’s Heavenly Cakes” which takes delight in unnecessarily complicated baking.


3 Responses to “can’t get enough of the cookbooks”

  1. David Says:

    This was the year I got rid of the cookbooks I never used: The Gourmet Cookbook, a book of Scottish cooking, some ancient French Provincial Cooking book (how old? The first recipe is for mastodon), and the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook (which always reminds me of Phil Hartman’s character from SNL, “The Anal-Retentive Chef”). I’m now relying on my clipping file (lots of Mark Bittman); did enjoy “How to Slice an Onion” by Bunny Crumpacker, though!

  2. Becky Says:

    Amazingly, I had not seen some of these recommended titles. I am ordering the missing titles.

  3. jspecht Says:

    All of the “Best of the Best” cookbooks put out by Food & Wine. The older ones are especially good. America’s Test Kitchen Books are a joy and delight, all of them. “Tom’s Big Dinners” and “I love Crab Cakes” by Tom Douglas, anything by Jane Hibler, Greg Atkinson or Kathy Casey. On the minus side, I would not recommend the “Taste of Home” series, anything by Sandra Lee, or Ethan Stowell’s new book. Too complicated!!!!!!

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