Graphic Novel Replacement Project

November 3, 2010

This fall, I am working on adult and teen graphic novel replacement.  My object is not to have many more copies but to have many nice, new copies.  I have looked at all of the standing order series as well as some other popular series.  As the new volumes come in, I am having many older, well-used copies removed from the system by placing item level holds.

Some older series are no longer in print.  If a volumes has only one very worn copy, or we are missing volumes, I am also pulling in the whole series.  A few series are still in print but are shelf setters.  I am also pulling those in.

I have bought many of the new copies in Paw Prints which are rebound volumes.  This sometimes creates two records for the same volume.  It will all come together in the end.

I am also looking at a report which lists CARL records with single item holdings.  I am catching quite a few broken series which I am not replacing.

New copies will be easy to spot, not only are they shiny and clean, they have the 2010 barcode with the pink stripe at the top.

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