everyone has a story

October 27, 2010

if there is anything that reading memoirs and listening to “This American Life” has taught me is that people are interesting.  from celebrities to us ordinary folk, there are some pretty fascinating tales out there.  one of the columns that i’ve always enjoyed from LJ is the BookSmack! feature on memoirs.

“Memoir Short Takes” was briefly on hiatus, but has returned for a twice monthly feature with alternating authors:  Therese Purcell Nielsen and Julie Kane.  this week’s reviews range from a fascination with fire to the life changing event of a premature baby.  what i appreciate most about these reviews are the frank opinions shared about the memoirs called “What I’m Telling My Friends.”  Purcell Nielson says this about Jay Varner’s  “Nothing Left To Burn: A Memoir”:

This book may resonate better with men than women, but I walked away wondering why Varner wrote this while his mother still lived. The demons you exorcise are not always your own.

bringing together reviews of memoirs into one column is a great source for displays.  a quick Google search brings up a nice list of columns to pull from.  best of all, a display of memoirs breaks up the ever daunting biography section into more manageable bites.

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3 Responses to “everyone has a story”

  1. David Says:

    With Facebook, Twitter and 24/7 blogging, the idea that someone (J. D. Salinger, for instance) would do us the favor of clamming up for 50 years is very appealing. That said, some of these memoirs do look very enticing. (This from a curmudgeonly recluse who once responded to a party invitation “where you’d meet so many interesting people”: “No thanks. I know too many people already.”)

  2. Therese Purcell Nielsen Says:

    Hello Marin at Sno-Isle!
    I was thrilled to see myself quoted in your post. Writing the memoir short reviews has been such fun and I am so happy to see that the contents have been of use to librarians and that the format works for you. Keep in touch and keep reading BookSmack!

  3. myounker Says:

    Therese, keep up the great work and thanks for chiming in!

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