more ebook romance on the way

October 7, 2010

the most popular title in our ebook collection.

Today, I added a significant number of Harlequin ebooks to the downloadable collection.    Our ebook collection has been extraordinarily popular with our customers, in fact every one of the  titles in the collection has checked out at least once since we began offering them last April.

Far and away the most popular subject has been romantic fiction.  8 out of the 10 most popular titles have a romance subject heading and have been checked out between 13 and 19 times this year.   These high turnover rates for ebooks are possible for this short period of time because ebooks are the only downloadable format that customers can return early.

I’ll be continuing to develop the ebook collection as the year progresses, and adding titles in a number of subject areas in addition to romance, so you readers of fiction and non-fiction, don’t despair.  For now you’ll have to search the downloadable catalog to find these new titles because it will be some time before the records can all be added to our traditonal catalog.

happy browsing 🙂


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One Response to “more ebook romance on the way”

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