cozy up to cozies

October 4, 2010

it’s most likely due to my complete lack of knowledge of cozies that i kept 2 lists of cozies in my in-box for over 6 months.  one is from RT Book Reviews Magazine (i still keep calling it Romantic Times) and the other from LJ.  the LJ article helpfully defines cozies as

Cozies, frequently defined as mysteries where the murder occurs offstage, offer readers reliable pleasures. These books contain less violence, sex, and gritty language than the norm, have an engaging tone (ranging from warm comfort to crabbily witty), and typically feature a sleuth who stumbles into his or her role—be that as a sideline to another job or as the presumptive village busy body.

as a selector, i find these books fairly easy to identify by their covers: usually a homey scene absent of any blood dripping on the cover.

the RT list came via an email from Faygie Levy, Executive Editor, after i requested a copy of the list since it’s not available on their site nor full-text on any of our magazine databases.  bummer.  sorry for the somewhat awkward access (4 pages, 10-13), but the list, “Match Your Passion with a Cozy,” is quite extensive and helpful.

RT cozies 10rt_Nov09 RT cozies 11rt_Nov09

RT cozies 12rt_Nov09 RT cozies 13rt_Nov09

happily, LJ’s list of “Cozies:  22 Core Titles” is easily accessible through their site.

also see NoveList for their “Getting Cozy” list under the adult fiction mystery category from the front page.

feel like doing a cozy book display?

posting by marin who will attempt to apply the ‘display’ category to all future display blog postings


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