duplicates, don’t be scared

September 28, 2010

when the holds queue dies on the latest James Patterson or Janet Evanovich or celebrity tell-all, community libraries are often left with numerous copies crowding their shelves.  if you have room, a couple of extra copies of the latest from a bestselling author are ok.  chances are, within a week or two, one of those copies will be checked out or be pulled for a hold.  in the Bookstore model, popular titles are a focus and what do bookstores have that libraries generally don’t have?  duplicates.

granted, some of the regional libraries will often have 5-7 copies – if they can’t be reallocated, send ’em in.

duplicates are a great source for display: “bestsellers you may have missed” or “hot titles you may have missed” or something far more clever.  until we get an ILS that notifies groupies of the latest title by their favorite author through an RSS feed (coming soon!), it is possible to overlook a newer title.  there is also the opportunity to highlight a title that hit it big initially like “Dear American Airlines” or “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle,” but now the dust has settled.

sure, some community libraries don’t have the room for duplicates which is why we have a small amount of compact shelving at SRV to hold them until the binding on the circulating copies dies.  but get rid of those shelf sitters and purge books in poor condition before sending in duplicates for reallocation.  duplicates are a visual sign to a browsing customer that this title is/was popular and worth a second glance, almost like putting out a cart of to-be-shelved materials of returns, the most popular cart in the library.

more ideas for duplicates?

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