iPad vs. the Kindle, the commercial

September 22, 2010

last week, a rather snotty commercial made the rounds in which the Kindle goes head-to-head with the iPad in a poolside rumble.  it’s clear that the beautiful people are the ones who spend their money wisely by buying the Kindle for their sunny vacations.

Tony Bradley in PC World had this to say about the campaign (via Shelf Awareness):

Amazon is responsible for the mainstream acceptance of the e-reader thanks to the Kindle, and it has a virtually insurmountable dominance of the market. Yet, Amazon seems to have some sort of Napoleon complex about the Apple iPad, as evidenced by its new marketing campaign.

there is also this puzzling statement to consider from Jeff Bezos who in a  June interview with Forbes declared that the iPad is not Kindle’s competition.

Fortune: Obviously, the Kindle’s price drop was in response to Barnes & Noble’s price cut on the Nook. Did the iPad and its overnight success play a role, too?

Bezos: No. The iPad… I think there are going to be a bunch of tablet-like devices. It’s really a different product category. The Kindle is for readers.

perhaps the Kindle’s marketing plan and Bezos’s opinion has changed in the last 3 months?

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2 Responses to “iPad vs. the Kindle, the commercial”

  1. adv180 Says:

    As pointed out in the Tony Bradley article, there are several things the iPad offers that prevails over Kindle; for example the resolution, ease of turning pages, and web-surfing advantages. However, these two products are directed toward two different markets (e-reader vs. multi-app tablet). The ad is clearly targeting the e-reader market. Someone interested in convenient, easily transportable reading material will see this ad and be reminded of the benefits to owning a Kindle rather than a more expensive and more sun-reflective iPad. While the iPad may not be a direct competitor, they are still similar electronic products. The iPad has been all over media recently and Kindle developed a good strategy by showing a beneficial differentiation the Kindle has over it. It’s all about whom you’re branding to and Kindle is making a good impression by pointing out important values that may otherwise go unnoticed.

  2. myounker Says:

    there is no question that the iPad as a tablet provides more, more, more than the Kindle. but given that those in the market for a pricey ereader/tablet will generally do exhaustive research on their options and write extensively about their experiences (editorials, blogs, tweets, facebook), why use this tactic in the advertising campaign esp. at a time when geeks are hot (“The Big Bang Theory” etc.)? why not point out that if one is really a reader, Amazon’s Kindle title selection (as of June) surpasses the iBooks selection (approx. 700,000 vs. 22,400, Comparing the Size of Online eBook Stores, which includes free titles)? misguided branding that alienates.

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