the origins of “Avatar” and “Inception”

August 27, 2010

ever think that “Avatar” seemed vaguely familiar?  wonder no more:

this made the rounds in January 2010 (it was viral, yet i don’t remember seeing it anywhere) and is attributed to the mysterious “Matt Bateman.”  (via WSJ)

and then there’s “Inception” which seemed to me a cross between “The Matrix” and Joss Whedon’s “The Dollhouse.”  but it appears that Christopher Nolan owes it all to Scrooge McDuck:

a discussion on reddit, a social news site, lead to the discovery.  read the source of the inspiration in its entirety here.  (via boingboing)

is nothing from Hollywood original these days? 😉

posting by marin


One Response to “the origins of “Avatar” and “Inception””

  1. Kelli Says:

    I’d heard the comparison to Avatar simply being a remake of FernGully, but saw no fancy mock-up like this one. Thanks for posting. (I’ve not seen, and have no interest in seeing, Avatar, so I can’t comment on its uniqueness.)

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