Death of the book?

August 20, 2010

NPR posted Books Have Many Futures which looks at the many rumors of the death of the book.

People have been talking about “the death of the book” for more than a decade. But recent events suggest the end may be imminent for bound-paper books as we have known them for more than 500 years. Hardbound and paperback books may never totally disappear, but they could become scary scarce — like eight-track tapes, typewriters and wooden tennis rackets.

via PW Morning Report

posting by Lorraine


2 Responses to “Death of the book?”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I just started listening to Super Sad True Love Story, and the main character is humiliated into putting away a book on an airplane because other passengers complain about the smell 😉

  2. Eric Says:

    My first experience reading a novel on my iPad is going much better than I anticipated. I am reading Lord of the Rings to my daughter at bedtime. It is great because that book is so big and tough to handle for long periods where on the device it is smaller and compact. We can also turn out the lights and still read. No flashlight under the covers needed.

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