Librarians in film

August 18, 2010

Huffington Post shared Librarians Save the Day! 11 Great Movies in Which they Star showing stills of their picks of librarians in film.

The titles include Music Man, Party Girl and Desk set which are some of my favorites.  But what about?

  • The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag , a 1992 film about a Children’s Librarian who confesses to a murder she didn’t commit to get her cop husband’s attention
  • Only Two Can Play, a 1962 film starring Peter Sellers as a henpecked Librarian who decides to seduce the glamorous wife of a local councilor to get a promotion.

Here’s a clip from the opening of Only Two Can Play:

What are your favorite Librarian movies??

via Shelf Awareness

posting by Lorraine

One Response to “Librarians in film”

  1. Lesla Says:

    Idiocracy. Joe’s the smartest guy on the planet! Yeah, there’s a bit of a dig at librarians, but I love it nonetheless.

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