Oprah too commercial…

August 12, 2010

but Time is not?  Jonathan Franzen is the first living author in 10 years (last up was Stephen King) to appear on the cover of the upcoming issue of Time.  perhaps Franzen learned his media lesson with the 2001 Oprah book club embarrassment which labeled him a snob by some.  Levi Grossman of last year’s much-lauded “The Magiciansinterviews Franzen for the August 23rd edition of Time (online edition abridged).

Franzen’s upcoming novel, “Freedom,” is highly anticipated and getting rave reviews (minus Kirkus).  from the PW starred review it seems that “Freedom” deserves just as much praise as “The Corrections.”

Franzen pits his excavation of the cracks in the nuclear family’s facade against a backdrop of all-American faults and fissures, but where the book stands apart is that, no longer content merely to record the breakdown, Franzen tries to account for his often stridently unlikable characters and find where they (and we) went wrong, arriving at–incredibly–genuine hope.

at this point, there is a fairly small holds queue of 24 esp. considering the title was ordered mid-May.  still hurt feelings from the Oprah snub?

Update: this just in, Franzen is also profiled in, gasp, Vogue!  what’s next, People?

(via GalleyCat)

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