said with a straight face

August 11, 2010

in the last several months, reported ebook sales from Kindle, Apple, and Barnes & Noble were bandied about leading to some pretty funny numbers.  with Kindle reporting about 80-90% of the market and Apple and Barnes & Noble claiming 20% each respectively, it’s clear that something is amiss.

in an interview with CNET, Ian Freed, Kindle’s VP, was asked about the validity of these numbers:

Honestly, something doesn’t add up because we’re pretty sure we’re 70 to 80 percent of the market. So, something, somewhere isn’t quite working right. I encourage you to do some more research. Obviously, from the beginning of Amazon we’ve been very metrics-focused and we don’t typically throw out numbers we don’t firmly believe in. Take that 70 to 80 percent number and add up all the others and something somewhere isn’t going to add up.

this from a company that has yet to disclose the numbers of Kindles sold?!  sure Freed, in Amazon we trust.

(via Slash Gear)

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One Response to “said with a straight face”

  1. Darren Nelson Says:

    There is ever more interest among the public in ebooks, especially among (I anecdotally feel) non-users and people who haven’t visited their local brick and mortar library in a while. For instance the Verizon rep who sold me my Droid mentioned she hasn’t been to the library in years but is intrigued by what’s on offer for ebooks. I’m so glad you all are sharing this information! I’m surprised at this surge that’s being reported. I notice mass market paperbacks are still cheaper than the kindle prices. I would like to see if travelers are the big market for this and age breakdowns, etc. if that info presents itself.

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