New Standing Order Adult Fiction

August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram

Listed alphabetically by author


Hell’s Corner
Baldacci, David
No annotation


Playing the Game
Bradford, Barbara Taylor
When his beloved younger wife and protégé is rendered a top player in the international art scene, proud Marius introduces her to a leading journalist to cover her life story, unaware that an instant connection between his wife and the journalist will ignite powerful secrets.


Dark Peril
Feehan, Christine
Dominic of the Dragonseeker Carpathians is on a desperate mission in the heart of enemy territory when he crosses paths with Solange Sangria, the last of the jaguar people, who is trying to save shape-shifting women from her murderous father, and soon a shared passion for a cause morphs into fiery romance.
Cold As Ice
Henry, Sue
After she puts her vacation on hold investigate a person’s mysterious death, Jessie Arnold’s search for the killer will take her and her husband Alex from the glaciers of Alaska’s Prince Island Sound to the back alleys of Anchorage.
Star Island
Hiaasen, Carl
Ann DeLuisa, body double for drug-addled pop star Cherry Pye, is kidnapped by an obsessed paparazzo, and Cherry’s entourage must rescue her while keeping her existence a secret from Cherry’s public–and from Cherry herself.


Chasing the Night
Johansen, Iris
Eight years after her toddler is abducted in a cruel act of vengeance, CIA agent Catherine is unable to accept that she will never find her son and taps forensic sculptor and fellow victim of a lost child Eve Duncan for assistance in establishing her son’s age-progressed appearance.


In the Company of Others
Karon, Jan
Arriving in western Ireland to research the Kavanagh ancestry, Father Tim and Cynthia are disrupted by a burglary, a sprained ankle and local distress over the theft of a cherished painting.


Kinsella, Sophie
While trying to deal with her mini-terror 2-year-old, financially strapped Becky Brandon attempts to plan a surprise party on a budget for her husband, Luke, and starts to come apart at the seams as she juggles the party, her precocious child and her faltering personal-shopping business.
Trio of Sorcery
Lackey, Mercedes
The best-selling author of the Heralds of Valdemar series presents three urban fantasy novellas, each featuring a resourceful heroine, including Arcanum 101, in which Diana Tregrade is asked to prove a psychic is a fake, only to realize almost too late that the soothsayer is a very powerful, very wicked witch.
Our Kind of Traitor
Le Carre, John
Vacationing at a posh tennis resort in Antigua, Perry and Gail are recruited by big-time Russian money launderer Dima to help him defect, an arrangement for which Dima promises to expose financial corruption but renders the hapless couple pawns in a deadly international scheme.


The Thorn
Lewis, Beverly
The first book in a stirring new saga of two Amish sisters on the fringe of the church–and the unforeseen discoveries that change their lives


The Charming Quirks of Others: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel
McCall Smith, Alexander
Investigating allegations against a headmaster candidate for her alma mater, Isabel uncovers surprising truths that hit close to home and unwittingly upsets the father of her young son. By the best-selling author of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series.


Don’t Blink
Patterson, James / Roughan, Howard
After he witnesses a hit on a mob lawyer that sparks an all-out mafia war, reporter Nick Daniels captures a key piece of evidence and launches a relentless investigation, during which he endures humiliation, threats, violence–and worse.


Embers of Love
Peterson, Tracie
Adventure meets romance in 1885 east Texas. When her matchmaker ways get her–and her friends into trouble, will true love really conquer all?


Safe Haven
Sparks, Nicholas
After having a summer romance with a local while visiting Italy with her friend, Audrey, Renee returns home to live out a pretty standard American family life, only find out 20 years later that Audrey is dying of cancer–and has a few secrets and surprises for Renee as she helps Audrey at the end of her life.


Steel, Danielle
Weaves together the stories of a writer working in the heart of academia in modern-day Boston and a daring young Sioux indian on an incredible journey in the 18th century.

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