New Adult Standing Order

July 23, 2010

New Adult Standing Order

July 22, 2010

Annotations from Baker & Taylor

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Burn: An Anna Pigeon Novel
Barr, Nevada
Recovering from recent emotional trauma, National Park Service ranger Anna Pigeon goes to New Orleans to visit her friend, Geneva, only to become the target of a dark curse, prompting her to investigate what is has to do with a fugitive mother accused of killing her family.


Bearers of the Black Staff
Brooks, Terry
Co-existing peacefully for 500 years after creating their magically protected valley, the surviving members of four non-demon races from the Genesis of Shannara trilogy band together against frightening creatures that are penetrating the shield around their home.


Maybe This Time
Crusie, Jennifer
Entreated by her ex-husband to help with two orphans recently placed in his custody, closure-seeking Andie discovers the task to be much harder than anticipated in light of the orphans’ delinquent antics, a haunting and Andie’s rekindled feelings. By the best-selling author of Tell Me Lies.


Lost Empire: A Fargo Adventure
Cussler, Clive / Blackwood, Grant
Discovering a Confederate relic during a diving expedition in Tanzania, Sam and Remi Fargo learn of the existence of a second artifact that is being ruthlessly sought on multiple continents by a fast-rising Mexican political party.


Wicked Appetite
Evanovich, Janet
A new crossover series by the best-selling author of the Stephanie Plum mysteries introduces pastry chef Lizzie Tucker, who is recruited by Diesel to track down a cache of priceless ancient relics while keeping them out of the hands of his criminal mastermind cousin.


The Cobra
Forsyth, Frederick
Having once been forcibly retired from the CIA for being too ruthless, former director of Special Operations Paul Devereaux is called back into action, with the agency giving him free reign and unlimited resources to take down the top drug cartels.
Posted by Jenifer Brown


Body Work
Paretsky, Sara
An audience-participation performance by a controversial artist is disrupted by a violent outburst culminating in the artist’s murder days later, prompting V. I. Warshawski to prove the innocence of an Iraqi war veteran charged with the crime.


Painted Ladies
Parker, Robert B.
Hired by a museum to provide protection during a ransom exchange for a stolen painting, Spenser is personally outraged when the ransom fails and the painting is not recovered, a case that makes him suspect the innocence of the art scholar who retained him.


Spider Bones: A Novel
Reichs, Kathy
Forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan investigates the death of a man who appears to have died while engaged in a bizarre sexual act and who was originally declared dead four decades earlier.
Portobello: A Novel
Rendell, Ruth
After he finds an envelope full of cash, 50-year-old Eugene Wren, who is plagued by a shameful addiction, posts a notice about the find around Portobello Road, and soon he is connected to other Londoners, all with their own obsessions and despairs, who enter he and his fiancée’s life and change it forever.


Bad Blood
Sandford, John
When a murder suspect commits suicide after his arrest for killing a soybean farmer, Virgil Flowers uncovers a multi-generation, multi-family conspiracy involving a series of monstrous crimes.
Posted by Jenifer Brown

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