who needs vampires…

June 16, 2010

when you have a girl who is “the result of the experimental breeding of human and ape.”  meet “Lucy” by Laurence Gonzales, due July 2010.  Alan Cheuse of NPR included “Lucy” in his picks, “Fiction, Long And Short, For Summertime Escapes.”

Does time ever flow when you’re caught up in this one! Lucy is a Congo-born adolescent girl with a primatologist father and a bonobo ape for a mother. You heard right. The trouble erupts when the U.S. government and rabid American right get wind of her existence, producing all the thrills and pleasures of a book at least as good as something from the late Michael Crichton.

The Washington Post’s Celebritology 2.0 blog also picked “Lucy” for their “Five Buzziest Summer Beach Reads.”  i’ll overlook the fact that 2 no-brainers that start their list:  “The Passage” and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.”

and oh-my-god-the-sky-is-falling, Kirkus gave it a starred review! (link to Barnes & Noble because Kirkus is annoying and doesn’t provide access to online reviews w/o registration)

Thoroughly well-written, grounded in science and a sorrowful sense of human nature, this book is utterly memorable.

free arc to the first Sno-Isle Libraries employee to comment.

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One Response to “who needs vampires…”

  1. Tracy Says:

    sounds interesting…did I win???

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