the BEA box has arrived!

June 8, 2010

a medium sized box with 43 pounds worth of books now sits in my cubicle.

my general impression of the floor was mixed as far as arcs – there were fewer than PLA and ALA (as a Book Expo newbie, corroboration at EarlyWord made me feel better) and the floor wasn’t well arranged (what a librarian!).  at PLA and ALA, vendors of a certain type are generally grouped together which makes the floor much easier to navigate.  whole sections, on say library furniture, can be skipped.

BEA seemed a lot about standing in line for autographed copies and me and lines don’t get along.  i did get to see Jon Stewart at the morning breakfast in which he introduced Condoleeza Rice, John Grisham, and Mary Roach – who knew i could laugh so much that early in the morning.  it was also helpful to attend sessions in which librarians and publishers highlighted hot titles.  the list of books picked by librarians at the ‘Shout ‘n’ Share’ is available on EarlyWordLJ‘s ‘Day of Dialogue’ editors’ picks are here.

to kick off the disbursement of the box of BEA goodies, let’s pick one of the books from the ‘Shout ‘n’ Share’ and ‘Day of Dialogue,’ Anne Fortier’s “Juliet.”  PW gives it a starred review and both PW and LJ compare it to a smart Da Vinci Code.  the LJ review describes the novel as

Most readers are familiar with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but not everyone knows that the Bard based his play on an old Italian tale in which the doomed lovers meet and die in the medieval city of Siena. Drawing on this tale, Fortier’s historical debut features a plot as complicated as a Shakespearean play. When Julie’s aunt dies, she is left with a key to a safe-deposit box in Siena, where her long-dead mother supposedly left a treasure, but finds only old letters and a ragged copy of Romeo and Juliet. She learns she is directly descended from one of the play’s warring families, and her mother left clues to find “Juliet’s Eyes,” gemstones rumored to be embedded in a lost golden statue.

the arc goes to the first Sno-Isle Libraries employee to comment.

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2 Responses to “the BEA box has arrived!”

  1. Kathy S Says:

    Sounds totally cool!

  2. myounker Says:

    kathy, done!

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