forthcoming exposé on BP Oil

June 3, 2010

talk about impeccable timing!  journalist Mike Magner has researched BP Oil over the last few years with a focus on allegations of pollution.  St. Martin’s preempted the book, recognizing an opportunity when they see one.  SMP states that the author is

uniquely positioned as a writer with the sources and material to explore British Petroleum’s history of aggressive exploration for oil and gas…and a culture of maximizing profits at the expense of safety and health.

on order, but not yet in CARL, is “Why We Hate the Oil Companies:  Straight Talk from an Energy Insider” (link to book’s site) by John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil.  Hofmeister is now heading a grassroots campaign, Citizens for Affordable Energy.

(via PW)

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2 Responses to “forthcoming exposé on BP Oil”

  1. Darren Nelson Says:

    Really always appreciate these annotations! Thank you –

  2. myounker Says:

    thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

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