Who’s reading e-books?

May 27, 2010

It sounds like e-publishing is, once again, the hot topic at Book Expo.  From today’s issue of Shelf Awareness comes the following report:

Who’s reading e-books? Bowker’s v-p of publishing services Kelly Gallagher offered a sneak peek at the latest findings from the Book Industry Study Group’s third fielding of “Consumer Attitudes toward E-Book Reading,” which will be released in July.

“We’re beginning to look now at some real exponential growth,” said Gallagher, adding that since 2006, e-books have steadily risen from 1.5% to 5% of the total market, with a very steep gain during the past year.

He stressed the substantial presence of male e-book readers (51%), and also noted the iPad’s dramatic early impact. Although the number one e-book device is still the computer (37%), the latest figure represents an 11% decline since the first fielding in November, 2009. Amazon’s Kindle is number two at 32% (10% gain), but lurking in seventh place is the iPad at 3%, despite the fact that the survey was conducted just three weeks after its release.

posted by Nancy (who’s trying to take up the slack for our blog queen, Marin)


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