Green & Levithan discuss Will Grayson, Will Grayson

May 17, 2010

John Green and David Levithan discuss their new teen novel Will Grayson, Will Grayson in the San Francisco Chronicle, Authors, characters in tandem in ‘Will Grayson.’

The book is about two young men with the same name.  who both struggle with identity issues.  One Will is straight and the other gay.  So far, there has been little negative reaction to the gay themes in the books:

“I know that will come,” Levithan says, “but for more and more kids, gay is no big deal to them. For every kid who is still suffering silently, there are many who don’t have to.”

Does the acceptance of “Will Grayson” signal a sea change in teen literature?

“Absolutely,” Levithan says. “You are getting a much more expansive number of voices in teen literature than you’ve ever had before. Many diverse populations being are being represented …”

“And represented well,” Green adds. “We have a publishing freedom that they don’t necessarily have in adult fiction, which is hilarious to me. However, I think there is a problem with getting those great books to readers. I think that too many of the good books that reflect the world as it is don’t find a readership because they’re choked out by bad books.”

via PW Children’s Bookshelf

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