this year Neil Gaiman…

April 15, 2010

next year Philip Pullman?  in case you haven’t heard, this week is National Library Week with Neil Gaiman as the Honorary Chair.  Pullman, like Gaiman, has quite the following (maybe not as many nerdy hipsters), sports a British accent, and is also a passionate defender of free speech, thus Philip Pullman is my vote for next year’s honorary chair.

at Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre, Pullman answers an audience member’s question about whether his new book, “The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ,” is offensive:

simple and to-the-point, well done.

in an interview with the Scotsman last week, Pullman explains further that with the publication of His Dark Materials trilogy, he’s no stranger to controversy and his new book is no exception:  he’s already received missives based on the title alone.

“I’ve had letters about my wickedness for many years now,” he says, wearily. “I don’t take them very seriously. I’m not angry with these people. They think they’re doing me a favour by warning me about the awful consequences of what I’m doing. I’m sure if I could sit down and spend half an hour with them, make them a cup of coffee or something, we’d all get on very well.”

that’s a tête-à-tête that i’d like to observe.

(via boing boing)

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One Response to “this year Neil Gaiman…”

  1. Eric Says:

    Perfectly stated.

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