the passage–this summer’s buzz book

April 1, 2010

Up for grabs two copies of  The Passage, by Justin Cronin to the first two to comment here.

read it before all your friends

I’m picky about what I read, I admit it, and consequently I don’t stick with many of the advance reader copies that cross my desk.  So I was surprised a bit when I found myself sucked in by this doorstopper — 766 pages– of a novel.  But its honestly that good, and I would be very surprised if this doesn’t become the buzz book everyone will be talking about and reading this summer.  Random House certainly thinks everyone will be and they’re putting their money where their mouths are–shelling out nearly 4 mil to Cronin for The Passage, and two other novels to complete the trilogy.

Don’t be discouraged by words like doorstopper, and trilogy, I really enjoyed this novel and I think you will also.  Enjoy

posting by jim.


6 Responses to “the passage–this summer’s buzz book”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    I’ll give it a try…thanks!

  2. valerie stevens Says:

    yes, please

  3. Jim McCluskey Says:

    all gone!

  4. iwrite Says:

    If one of you has a change of mind, can I have a copy please?

  5. Jim McCluskey Says:

    @iwrite — who are you? If another copy turns up who do we send it to?

  6. […] gave away a couple of arcs recently; i am half-way through mine and could easily be convinced to lend it to […]

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