a thought-provoking, tour de force…

March 22, 2010

that is at once haunting and riveting.  BINGO!

ever feel that reading reviews is an exercise in redundancy?  do the clichés ever get to you?  Examiner writer Michelle Kearns compiled some of the most used expressions for book reviews, labeling them reviewerspeak, and then created handy Bingo cards.

Reviewerspeak isn’t just annoying: it’s a black hole that sucks in meaning faster than I can down a gin martini (no vermouth, three olives). And in an economy with publishers cutting employees quicker than you can type “stimulus package” and book sales diving to Hades, it’s time that book reviewers everywhere delete the clichés and start giving readers the unvarnished truth.

anyone game to compile a unique set of cards for Kirkus?

(via GalleyCat)

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