do the monster mash-up

March 16, 2010

they keep on comin’ like zombies that can’t be offed.  Quirk, the masters of all things mash-up, released a trailer today for “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:  Dawn of the Dreadfuls,” a prequel of sorts which we first heard about in October.

my favorite line:  “They might be dead God damn it, but they’re still Englishmen!”  the production value has definitely improved since “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.”

there are two more titles along the same vein that are coming out later this spring, one from Quirk, the other from Pocket.  “Android Karenina” by Tolstoy and Ben H. Winters will be released in June.  “Jane Slayre,” written by Bronte and Sherri Browning Erwin, is due out in April.  that’s right, Jane as a demon slayer!  this one i am looking forward to and am not ashamed to admit it.  LJ gave it a positive review that hooked me, having loved “Jenna Starborn,” not to mention countless re-readings of “Jane Eyre“:

Similar to Sharon Shinn’s Jenna Starborn, Erwin’s unique and gripping revision of a well-loved classic. Enthusiastically recommended for all.

(via Shelf Awareness)

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One Response to “do the monster mash-up”

  1. I just got a Little Vampire Women arc in the mail. I can’t quite decide how I feel about it.

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