the master of historical sagas

March 2, 2010

out in May is Isabel Allende’s latest, “The Island Beneath the Sea.”  TÉtÉ, born on the island of Saint Domingue (now known as Haiti), is a slave purchased by the son of a plantation owner for his cruel bride.  from Haiti to New Orleans, the novel covers four decades of love and heartbreak.  it received a starred review from the March 2010 issue of Booklist:

In a many-faceted plot, Allende animates irresistible characters authentic in their emotional turmoil and pragmatic adaptability. She also captures the racial, sexual, and entrepreneurial dynamics of each society in sensuous detail while masterfully dramatizing the psychic wounds of slavery.

an arc to the first Sno-Isle Libraries employee to comment.  enjoy!

posting by marin


2 Responses to “the master of historical sagas”

  1. Dani Brend Says:

    This sounds good! Hope I’m allowed to comment…

  2. myounker Says:

    dani, bryan’s got it and will deliver 🙂

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